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Zebras live close to rivers. That is why our Zebra is situated near the embankment of the Odra River in order to make it possible for you to enjoy the greenery and unfettered freedom. Image a morning jog along the foggy river, with lazily raising sun. Zebras like such views.

Location directly at the embankment
of the Odra River

Apartments with a river view

We all know that zebras are gregarious animals, they need company. That is why Zebra is located in a close proximity of the city centre, where galleries, clubs and restaurants are within a walking distance. When you get tired of galloping around the city, remember your comfortable sofa, soft carpets and return for a longed-for rest.

Apartments in our project will also work well as an investment. You find everything you need around them: schools, nursery schools, hospitals, shops and more.